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Tips for Searching

Keyword Search

The Keyword Search tab allows you to perform a general search across multiple fields for any catalog records online. Keyword searches use OR as the default connector between words (e.g. a search for Montana Landscape will return records associated with Montana OR Landscape). If you want to find records where both keywords are found, type AND between the two words, i.e. Montana and landscape. To search for a specific phrase, put the phrase within quotes (e.g. "Montana Landscape"). You can also use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard (e.g. a search for land* would come up with records containing land, landscape, land use, etc. used anywhere in the title, subject matter, artist name, or other database fields). Searches are not case sensitive.

Search by Term

The Search by Term tab lets you see an alphabetical list of terms used in the catalog and then view the artworks currently associated with the terms, rather than entering keywords that may not be used in MAM's controlled vocabulary and yield no results. Terms are divided into People (historic, mythical, or fictional characters represented in the artwork's imagery, i.e., Rudy Autio, Coyote, Lone Ranger), Creators (artists, as well as assistants, printers and publishers, in some cases), Search Terms (geographic locations, businesses, organizations and groups, historic events, and other proper names that are not individual people, i.e., Butte, Northern Pacific Railway, Vietnam War, Highway 93) and Subjects (Library of Congress subject headings for the primary visual or thematic content of an artwork, i.e., Animals, Lemons, Transformations).

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search tab can help you be more specific with your search. You can search for a word or phrase within a particular search category or use multiple categories to further narrow down your search results. The same word in different fields will yield different results. For example, typing Autio in the Artist field will yield works created by Rudy Autio, Lela Autio, and Chris Autio; in the Keyword field, a portrait of Rudy Autio by James G. Todd; in the Credit field, artworks donated by Autios or in memory or honor of an Autio.

Random Images

The Random Images tab is a great way to browse the collection. Each Random Images page displays a random assortment of images from the records online. If something piques your interest, click the thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.


The Objects tab lists of all of the artworks currently available in the online catalog.