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Name Healy, Stan
Other names Edward Stanley Healy
Dates & places of birth and death Born July 19, 1918, in Missoula, MT
Died March 27,1996, in Missoula, MT
Nationality or Tribal Affiliation American
Occupation Army Air Corp, 1944 - 1946.
Reporter and photographer, Missoulian, Missoula, MT (1946 - 1961)
Councilman, City of Missoula, MT (1966 - 1983)
Notes Within the confines of the job of Missoulian photographer Healy managed to take photographs that went beyond a simple record of events. He shot the required photos of car wrecks, fires, parades and visiting dignitaries, and transformed them into art. His photographs are carefully composed and often include unexpected elements on the edge of the fram, as in "Larson Fire" (1949). The Speed Graphic camera he often used produced sharp negatives with rich blacks. The powerful side-mounted flash separated subject from background for a startling effect as evidence in "Car Wreck at Tree" (n.d.). Many news photographs had to be taken at night and he only had one or two chances at getting a picture with a bulky camera that had to be reladed after every shot.

He shares with his contemporaries Weegee and Diane Arbus the ability to zero in on the emotional content of a situation. In his photograph, "Car Wreck Near O'Keefe Ranch" (1959), ghostly shadows of the investigating officers hover mysteriously on the periphery. His photograph "Train Wreck Near Evaro, Montana" (1962) doesn't just show the train itself but focuses on the face of a frightened elderly passenger.

Stan Healy was a loner. Although he served on the Missoula City Council for years he was often at odds with his fellow council members. For the last few years of his life he was virtually a hermit, living in the same house his parents built when he was a baby. He left behind hundreds of self-portraits showing himself in drag at home or alone in seedy hotel rooms. He had a personal interest in murder; he ran for county coroner and lost. One year he kept a private tally of all the murders committed in Missoula County. As he got older, his subject matter became increasingly morbid, including shots of corpses on slabs at the morgue. As an outsider, he was free to develop his harsh, unflinching style and to pursue dark, taboo subject matter.

- Excerpted from Lucy Capehart's Curator's Statement, Stan Healy: Artist's Eye, 2003
Publications Stan Healy: Artist's Eye. Missoula, MT: Art Museum of Missoula, 2003. ISBN 0-939872-08-0
Relationships Parents: Edward and Emily Healy
Places of residence Missoula, MT
Role Photographer
Education 1941: B.A. in Journalism, University of Montana, Missoula, MT

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